Muslims and the Challenge of Co-existence with Dr. Fuad Nahdi – 19 August

fuad uni 2 Some communities excel in this area while some struggle. What do we understand by co-existing? Is it a situation for convergence or conversion? How have Muslims dealt with this in the past and how are we dealing with it today?

Come to Mukha Cafe in TTDI on Monday 19 August, 8pm.

*** Event done. Click here to see pictures.

Fuad Nahdi is the Executive Director of the Radical Middle Way UK. He is a prominent journalist, social commentator and activist who is passionate about sharing the Islamic message of love, mercy and co-existence. He was awarded the Sternberg Three Faith Gold Medallion for contribution towards Inter-faith last year. He is the founding member of the Archbishop’s Christian-Muslim Forum, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Member of Chatham House.

For the last five years he has been included in the prestigious directory produced by the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies in Jordan of the world’s top 500 Influential Muslims. Fuad went to the University of Nairobi, the Islamic University in Khartoum, the City University and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of University of London.

Click here to RSVP. Admission is free and discussions are lively. Open to all members of public. Come. ☺

Some videos of Dr. Nahdi…

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