The Black Contribution in Islam: From Bilal to Makandal, from Mansa Musa to Malcolm X with Muhammad Mendes – 17 December

This evening will be stories about African descent Muslims from the earliest to recent times, from within Africa to beyond Arabia. We’ll also look at how the Hijra to Habsyah affected culture and identity as well as how the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led the movement for the freedom and emancipation of slavery and suppression.

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At 17, Muhammad-AbdulHaqq Adeyinka Mendes embraced Islam after a life changing journey to Israel. He studied Arabic for his BA at Ohio, and major Islamic sciences in Syria, Mauritania and Nigeria.

He is the founding director of Sacred Service, an organization committed to the spiritual healing of humanity and a lived articulation of Islam rooted in the socio-cultural realities of indigenous Americans.

To teach his children, he writes qasidahs (poems, hymns) in English. Using the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he wrote one about the Prophets. Shaykh Yahya Rhodus closed two Peace Meal events with his rendition of that particular qasidah.

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