Manners of Prophet (PBUH) with the Youth with Ali Shaykh Abu Bakr – 30 December

ali shaykh abu bakr bin salem 301213

The poster speaks for itself. A little background, Habib Ali of  Shaykh Abu Bakr Bin Salim family, is the head discipline teacher of Dar al-Mustafa (Darul Mustafa) school in Tareem, Hadhramout, Yemen. He has to be the most pleasant and friendliest discipline teacher we’ve met. His area of expertise are fiqh (legal rulings) and seerah (Prophet’s biography).

This session will be a small one for high engagement. 30 minutes of talk and 1 hour of Q&A. Open to those below 40 years old. Ustaz Iqbal, a post graduate student at CASIS, UTM, will be translating Habib Ali’s words from Arabic to English/Malay.

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