Introduction to Worldview of Islam with Prof Alparslan Açikgenç – 6 May

Introduction to Worldview of Islam With author of Science and Knowledge in Islamic Civilization, Professor Alparslan Açikgenç and CASIS UTM Graduate Students Muhammad Ikhwan and Syed Muhiyuddin Al-Attas

8pm Tuesday 6 May 2014 at Talent Lounge, Menara Mustapha Kamal

This evening will be looking at what is a worldview, why and how it affects our lives. As Muslims, what then is the Worldview of Islam, its significance to the past and future? *This event is in conjunction with the Worldview of Islam Summer School, 22-28 June 2014. image Professor Dr. Alparslan Açikgenç received his Ph. D. at The University of Chicago in 1983. He has taught philosophy at various universities in Turkey as well as invited as professor at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) by its Founder-Director, Prof. Al-Attas (1992-1998). He has published more than 100 articles in various journals on comparative philosophy, philosophy of science, Islamic epistemology, and educational philosophy. Among his important works are Islamic Scientific Tradition in History (Kuala Lumpur: IKIM, 2012); Islamic Science: Towards A Definition (ISTAC, 1996); Being and Existence in Sadra and Heidegger (ISTAC, 1993) and many more. He is currently working on a comprehensive world history book from the Islamic perspective. Muhammad Ikhwan Azlan is currently pursuing his doctorate degree at the Centre of Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and CIvilisation (CASIS) and works as a lecturer at Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS). His research interest includes, among others, determining the epistemological limits of mathematics in the various sciences, heeding the framework derived from the metaphysics of Islam.   Muhiyuddin b. Hussein Al-Attas is currently pursuing his M.Phil at CASIS and also works as a lecturer at KUIS. His research interest is in S.M.N Al-Attas’ conception of the West, encompassing the origins of the worldview of the West, its philosophical, cultural and religious roots, and how this worldview is impacting the world. pmSummerSchool

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