Disruptive Economics: Beyond Banks & Billionaires – 21 June

The panel consists of 1 banker, 1 ex-banker and 1 unRiba activist. I am merely the person pouring some oil on the fire. Hints: I would like to explore microeconomics changes that can impact the macro-economy rather than the opposite. Revival of the spiritual aspect of economics. This is closely related to moral standards and ethics,
so says Abdel-Jallal Ziat, moderator for this session. Come check it at ‪#‎FAST‬ ‪‎CoolerLumpur‬ Festival this 21 June 2014. Right after the event, we’ll be co-organizing a networking session. Come through to meet like-minded heads. 🙂 cooler lumpur fest wief moca peace meal networking

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