A Glimpse Into Fez – 7 November

We’ve got a treat for you this Saturday Night! We have Hamza from Fez giving a demonstration (with hands-on) on Islamic Geometry with Paper-Card Embroidery, and also a delicious taste of Moroccan culture with his Oud (“gitar arab”) playing skills. Joining Hamza for a jam will be local talents: Sein al-Qudsy: ex-Ruffedge member, RnB and Hiphop artist, actor and film-maker; and Husni: social artist, and percussionist. Don’t know who Hamza is? Hamza el-Fasiki is an apprentice artisan etcher in the copper-smith craft, learning the trade from his father, who has been etching on copper tea trays since 1969. Earlier, he had started his musical studies in 1999, and began a musical career by 2004. He is an Andalusian musician and plays four instruments; Classical Guitar, Andalusian Oud (that’s “Gitar Arab” to you and me ;-P ), Harmonica and Ukulele. He is founder of Craft Draft social business in Fez which aims at preserving the Moroccan craft through bringing it to the masses. Check out these links to find out more about Hamza, what he does and more on this event: www.craftdraft.org http://m.youtube.com/user/hamaziki

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