ART-Tar: The Art of Aromatherapy in the Muslim World – 22 November

It is used for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic purpose by the ancient civilisations from Persian, Egyptians to Greeks and was improved by the invention of steam distillation by Ibn Sina. Come to this workshop and discover the art of Attar and have your senses uplifted. This refreshing journey will enlighten your mind beyond wonders. Hafsa Hasan is a holistic therapist and mother of five children who has been passionate about holistic learning and living from a young age. Fortunate in being mentored and taught by healers versed in both eastern and western modalities, as well as being raised in a homeopathic family, Hafsa has accumulated knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplines. From the art and science of using herbs and homeopathy to hands-on and somatic body/mind approaches to healing. For more than ten years now she has been practicing and honing her craft to enhance her own family’s well-being as well as touching the lives of many people around her in the Middle East, UK and now Malaysia. Her journey has taken her from working with children and women facing abuse, stress, learning and personal development challenges to teaching aspects of Avicenna’s metaphysics. At present she offers a ‘Gentle Remedies’ programme to enhance wellness. She also conducts skillful and intuitive one-on-one sessions that facilitate deep healing states by releasing the subtle traumatic and life-baggage causes of physical, emotional and mental pain. Hafsa practices out of Elements Natural Oasis in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This workshop is aimed at students and young practitioners. The workshop is free. At the end of it, attendees can either take their deposit money back (RM80) or donate part or full amount to Peace Meal to cover the costs for this and other events we do. Only limited seats available. pmArtTarREGISTERBUTTON  


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