Pursuit of Happiness

The Riddle of Mankind and Quest of Happiness

Ancient Greek philosophers lived after Prophet Moses They asked right questions without came to the right conclusion Things that are graspable are normally ephemeral “Who man is?”

“Who you are” makes human being consistently on search. Has been answered by the religion and exemplified by the life of Rasulullah saw. True age of happiness is during time of Prophet saw Iman, Islam n Ihsan > attaining happiness Philosophy-love of wisdom/hikmah The reality of thing is set, and the knowledge of it is attainable. 1.self experience 2.Reason- observation, mathematical truths 3depends upon report-tawaddhuk (quran as kitab), by single person ascertained by mukjizat. Human being has soul where the heart resides in. Seek his identity and destiny> happiness Happiness is attainable by external and internal virtues Happiness: Human self (wants and needs),body and external Happiness is when you ascertain your certainty> Permanent happiness. It’s a gradual process.Internal virtues emerging. Expressing happiness according to the level. Life is journey to regain our covenant with God> During ruh we admit Allah is our Creator Adab: right action Happiness> The quest of your certainty Lower self submits to higher self Happiness is subjective but not arbitrary 1st level of certainty: Ilm 2nd: seen the reality 3rd: train yourself, you feel/experience Pure goodness doesn’t exist in this dunya We are the spiritual human beings Love of God is the highest level of happiness Notes captured by Sister Waheeda.  


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