Monthly Archives: December 2013

Manners of Prophet (PBUH) with the Youth with Ali Shaykh Abu Bakr – 30 December

The poster speaks for itself. A little background, Habib Ali of  Shaykh Abu Bakr Bin Salim family, is the head discipline teacher of Dar al-Mustafa (Darul Mustafa) school in Tareem, Hadhramout, Yemen. He has to be the most pleasant and friendliest discipline teacher we’ve met. His area of expertise are fiqh (legal rulings) and seerah (Prophet’s […]

Why We Gave Pizzas to Muslim Gangsters in Denmark? with Abdul Aziz Fredericks – 25 December

  A teacher, and an education consultant focusing in Special Needs Education, Shaykh Fredericks was also trained in the fields of Islamic sciences which led him to da’wah work around the world. Join us as he shares his experiences being involved in various communities, issues faced and some successful solutions. Admission is free, no registration […]

The Black Contribution in Islam: From Bilal to Makandal, from Mansa Musa to Malcolm X with Muhammad Mendes – 17 December

This evening will be stories about African descent Muslims from the earliest to recent times, from within Africa to beyond Arabia. We’ll also look at how the Hijra to Habsyah affected culture and identity as well as how the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led the movement for the freedom and emancipation of slavery and suppression. Click […]

Metaphysical Teachings of Rumi & Ibn Arabi Regarding Women – 16 December

fast cash inc How does the spiritual and cosmic reality of women-hood relate to the Shari’ah, fiqh and the social role of women? We’ll be looking at the Qur’an, Hadith and Rumi’s ever famous Masnavi and the renowned text of Ibn Arabi Al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyya (The Meccan Illuminations). Click here for FB Event Page. Help spread […]