Monthly Archives: November 2015

ART-Tar: The Art of Aromatherapy in the Muslim World – 22 November

It is used for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic purpose by the ancient civilisations from Persian, Egyptians to Greeks and was improved by the invention of steam distillation by Ibn Sina. Come to this workshop and discover the art of Attar and have your senses uplifted. This refreshing journey will enlighten your mind beyond wonders. […]

A Glimpse Into Fez – 7 November

We’ve got a treat for you this Saturday Night! We have Hamza from Fez giving a demonstration (with hands-on) on Islamic Geometry with Paper-Card Embroidery, and also a delicious taste of Moroccan culture with his Oud (“gitar arab”) playing skills. Joining Hamza for a jam will be local talents: Sein al-Qudsy: ex-Ruffedge member, RnB and […]