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Muslims & Friends of Other Faiths, We Need Some Words From You Please :)

Loading…   On 6 September 2014, we’re having a one day event – Modern Society & The Tolerance of Muhammad. Peace Meal, a youth group that promotes the cultural, intellectual and spiritual understanding of Islam, is organizing it with partners. A diverse lineup made up of traditional scholars, performance artists, corporate figures and young activists […]

Podcast: Rhamis Kent on Permaculture, Work in the Muslim World & Investment Community

When he was in town, we organized an interview at BFM Radio. Rhamis was in Malaysia to teach a two week Permaculture Design Course, and prior engagements, including two talks with Peace Meal. Pomegranate Versus Heroin: Muslims Getting a Wholesome High on Nature and Ibn Khaldun’s Pleasures of Civilization. Just like how when Islam came, […]

On Education with Buddhists – 3 November

Recently we were invited to join the International Buddhist-Muslim Forum on Peace & Sustainability, specifically to be part of the session entitled, It’s a Child’s World. Keep It! (Discourse on Children to Higher Education). Thanks Vienna Looi for roping us in. The general drive of the discussion was on alternative education as most participants, largely […]

Something About Peace Meal

Little did we know that from starting Peace Meal, we were developing something else. It started with an opportunity and now becoming a practice. Around KL, weekly, there are multiple gatherings of knowledge (Majlis Ta’lim), discussing the works of various scholars within the Islamic tradition and history, in addition to the Mawluds/Maulids. Sometimes due to […]