Monthly Archives: May 2014

[Workshop] Intro to ‘Hikma’, Islamic Wisdom Healing with Hafsa & Iman – 24 May

An interactive workshop looking at the concept in traditional Islamic medicine of The Four Elements and how it relates to wellness, energy healing, nutrition, homeopathy, and stress release today. This video by Hafsa’s teacher, Hakim Archuletta – Personality Corresponding to the Elements, gives you a preview of what you’ll be learning. Click here to watch. […]

Adab of Respecting Non-Muslims: A Prophetic Inheritance with Habib Muhammad Alaydrus – 22 May

Some people buy fair-trade products, because it is cool or a trend, and not based on ethical reasons. Likewise some Muslims promote better relations with non-Muslims for various reasons, but unfortunately not due to it being a Prophetic character and tradition. Be it in respecting others or another matter, the character of good Muslims ought […]