Monthly Archives: June 2014

Disruptive Economics: Beyond Banks & Billionaires – 21 June

The panel consists of 1 banker, 1 ex-banker and 1 unRiba activist. I am merely the person pouring some oil on the fire. Hints: I would like to explore microeconomics changes that can impact the macro-economy rather than the opposite. Revival of the spiritual aspect of economics. This is closely related to moral standards and […]

Podcast: Dr. Bilal Hassam Talking Across Religions

When we saw that Bilal (from London, part of The Leaf Network) was coming to Singapore last year, we had to pull him in to KL to do some stuff. One of our volunteers hosted him and another organization close to us, Hawi al-Khairat (HAK) supported with logistics. Pic is of him helping us carry […]

MOCA Translations at Cooler Lumpur – 22 June

One of four things we’re doing at FAST:CoolerLumpur Fest. This will be a poetry recitation, translation, commentary…and then a response to it by artists – spoken word by Jamal Raslan, Japanese koto by Hisako Sube, as well as gambus by Raja Zulkarnain and guitar AZ Samad. KIMCOOPERFINDLING.COM/PROD/ We’ll be looking at two master poets, Hadramout’s Habib […]

Fund Raising for Muslim Community with Abdel-Jallal & Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt – 13 June

  We’ll be looking into the various ways of how the Ummah raise money for its welfare and benefit. From zakat, to entrepreneurship. From traditions of the Salaf, to crowd funding across the world. You’re welcome to have your dinner at the venue prior to the event. One way to support venue sponsors Talent Lounge […]