Monthly Archives: August 2017

What if The Matrix was in 16th Century Nusantara? – 22 August

And instead of seeing Morpheus, he sat with the legendary Hamza Fansuri, or Nuruddin al-Raniri? This will be an evening where we talk about the amazing developed holistic work by classic Malay thinkers on the conception of reality, around the same time when Europe was about to start talking about it. Muhiyuddin b. Hussein Al-Attas […]

How is Food Connected to Our Spiritual Journey – 26 August

How is Food Connected to Our Spiritual Journey? Exclusive Talk & Free Dinner with Geoff & Nadia Lawton Saturday 26 August 2017 in TTDI, KL Request to Attend by Filling the Form Below (Closed – If you have not received your invite, please WhatsApp 0193345466 or email peacemealmy [at] gmail [dot] com). The spiritual journey […]