Something About Peace Meal

Little did we know that from starting Peace Meal, we were developing something else. It started with an opportunity and now becoming a practice.

Around KL, weekly, there are multiple gatherings of knowledge (Majlis Ta’lim), discussing the works of various scholars within the Islamic tradition and history, in addition to the Mawluds/Maulids.

Sometimes due to the structure of the mosque, the women’s section is secluded or in another part of the building, thus leaving them a little disconnected, visually, physically and sometimes spiritually with what’s going on in the men’s section.

So what we did was volunteer our equipment and labour to these Majlis’s, by connecting our projector in the women’s section, to our makeshift camera (the iPad!), to provide visual for them. And as we had a second projector, that one was used for the men’s section.

To step up, since we had a visual platform, we flashed out slides of qasidas (hymns/poems) that were recited at these Majlis’s. A few of our volunteers helped developed these slides showing the qasidas in original Arabic and its English/Malay translation.

So far, we’ve done Maulud Akbar at Albukhary Mosque in Jalan Hang Tuah, Maulud Akbar Darul Murtadza in Setiawangsa KL and Maulud at Mutiara Damansara. Lately more and more Majlis are requesting for this kind of support to their existing regular khidmat (volunteer committee) team.

Hopefully this effort and others will bring more benefit to it and others. God willing. InsyaAllah.

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