Podcast: Mohamed Geraldez on Faith and Entrepreneurship


We recently hosted an event with American Muslim entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Mohamed Geraldez. He was in town for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. We connected with various Malaysian entrepreneurs and also organised an interview with BFM Radio where he discussed his exciting ventures and how faith is involved in his business.

Listen to the podcast right here.

“Is it important to state your faith in your business?

Yeah… because as we all know with 9/11 and the global climate, how Islam is being looked at… for whatever reason this is the hand we have been dealt, I’m going to do whatever I can do to portray the faith that I embraced in a very positive light. And providing jobs is a good way.¬†

I don’t filter my business decisions off my faith. I look at economic viability. I look at all the metrics the typical businessman would look at. And then I’m like, okay, is this in ethical alignment?”

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