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Towards Self Sustainability: Learning Audio Video

Recently we begin purchasing our own equipment. From a proper recording sound system, a HD video camera and a laptop powerful enough to manage video editing.

For quite sometime we had friends, volunteers and freelancers working with us in this area. The likes of Hann Ng, Fei Xiang, Sabrina Kamaruddin and Adrien Yew. You see them often in the pics we upload.

Now that we have our own stuff, we can stop renting the equipment. Next is to equip ourselves with the skills to handle this expensive gear. So we got Fei to teach Izuan BinYahya, Mohamad Azmir and Zain HD.


Another regular also joined in, Ferdinand Pereira, as well as Fei’s intern Nur Athirah, who is leading Peace Meal’s next series of events on permaculture, environment and Islam – documentary screenings and discussions.

Thanks Fei and also Wago for their support. And others too who have helped us get this far in building up Peace Meal.

Podcast: Mohamed Geraldez on Faith and Entrepreneurship


We recently hosted an event with American Muslim entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Mohamed Geraldez. He was in town for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. We connected with various Malaysian entrepreneurs and also organised an interview with BFM Radio where he discussed his exciting ventures and how faith is involved in his business.

Listen to the podcast right here.

“Is it important to state your faith in your business?

Yeah… because as we all know with 9/11 and the global climate, how Islam is being looked at… for whatever reason this is the hand we have been dealt, I’m going to do whatever I can do to portray the faith that I embraced in a very positive light. And providing jobs is a good way. 

I don’t filter my business decisions off my faith. I look at economic viability. I look at all the metrics the typical businessman would look at. And then I’m like, okay, is this in ethical alignment?”

Workshop & Talk by Faith in Leadership – 19 & 20 October

Krish Raval and Dr Bilal Hassam are from Faith in Leadership (FiL) Hub, London. They work with the world’s main religious communities to foster leadership among new and seasoned faith based personnel as a way of promoting understanding and peace. In the UK, the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, The Imam of the Karimia Foundation, The Chief Rabbi, Cardinal-Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster as well as the heads of significant Hindu and Sikh organisations are active FiL Patrons. Read their bio wayyy below…

Fil-Dinner-2012-32 faith in leadership dinner

A multi-faith dinner in UK organized by Faith in Leadership Hub, London

Both of their events are at Rebung Restaurant, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Both of their events are inviting people of any faith to participate. 

Youth Leadership Workshop
Saturday 19 October 2013

A leadership workshop for youth of any faith, below 35 years old. Only 30 spaces available and registration is required. RM20 fee covers the lunch buffet. Scroll down for the registration form. —> WORKSHOP IS FULL. Registration is closed.

This workshop includes sessions covering

  1. Psychometric/Personality profiling
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Dialogue and Effective Conversations
  4. Elements of Community Building
  5. Navigating Inter-religious relations

Talk: Rethinking a Multifaith Society
& Practical Long Term Action Steps
Sunday 20 October 2013
Open to All

‘How’ are we understanding coexistence? And what can we ordinary people actually do? Open to all members of public. Do invite friends of other faiths to come with you. 🙂

US About Us Board Krish Raval (KEG).preview

Raval is an executive trainer and coach who focuses on conflict resolution, leadership development and change management. Apart from being a Law and Pyschology graduate, he is also a former Senior Fellow at the University of Maryland who has studied a range of leadership icons such as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa at very close quarters.

Profile-Pic-2 bilal hassam

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Hassam is a medical doctor who co-founded the Leaf Network, a network of diverse British Muslim individuals that trains young men and women to become transformational leaders. He spent a year working as one of thirty global Faiths Act Fellows serving as an inter-religious youth ambassador for the UN Millennium Development Goals.


A supporter of our project this weekend, the FGIS is an informal gathering of major religious groups representing Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism for the purpose of promoting unity and harmony in Malaysia through selfless service, human value programs and music.

The performers in the orchestra are from:
1. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM)
2. Buddhist Maha Vihara
3. Council of Churches – Wilayah
4. Malaysia Hindu Sanggam
5. Malaysia Gurdwara Council

The FGIS is coordinated by the Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of Malaysia.

From Darkness to Light: Dealing with Those Coming Back to Islam with Mohamed Geraldez – 16 October


Come for this talk with an American Muslim entrepreneur who himself have an interesting story to share. Read his bio below..

His family kicked him out of the house for converting to Islam and he cursed them to Hell. Instead they later became Muslims themselves and he found the middle path.

Mohamed converted to Islam during his junior year in college. Upon graduating, he went overseas to study the Islamic sciences for nearly four years in Syria, Morocco, Mauritania and the Saharan Desert with some of the most renowned scholars of the Muslim world. After studying abroad, he returned to the U.S. to obtain his Master’s degree in business (MBA).


Mohamed Geraldez is an American Muslim entrepreneur who is in Malaysia attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with President Obama and his group. Mohamed invests in companies like Jaan J., the largest halal non-silk necktie company in the world, and George Charles & Sons, a custom suit maker in New York City.

He also serves as an advisory board member to several entities like the Information Technology Consulting Firm, GeniusCo, and the American Muslim Consumer Conference group that hosts the most important yearly gathering that connects leading American corporations with American Muslim entrepreneurs, companies, businessmen/women and investors.

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Mohamed was recently tapped to be the first Executive Director for Co-Founder, Dr. Sherman Jackson’s ALIM Program where strategies are being developed for the future of Islam in the modern world. Mohamed hopes to transform the ALIM Program from a traditional non-profit to a trailblazing, hybrid not-for-profit that can better serve the American Muslim community.


He was asked to present his unique personal story in the book by White Cloud Publications “All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim.” The book can be ordered at