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The Spirit Of Islam In West Africa

Shaykh Mouhamadou Mahy ibn Aliyu Cisse is a Muslim, teacher, and consummate spiritual guide to millions around the globe. His lifestyle and teaching methods reflect the principles of the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

An accomplished scholar, known for his erudition and the simplicity of his lifestyle, his patience and compassion have made him particularly popular among younger students and spiritual aspirants, while winning him the admiration of his peers and elders as well.

A life under the tutelage of family members who would be counted among West Africa’s most renowned scholars, combined with the rigorous training of al Azhar University, the world’s most prestigious Islamic educational institution, and years of experience as a teacher of a diverse community of students from around the world have provided the Shaykh with a uniquely broad perspective that is especially relevant today.