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How I De-Radicalize Top End Terrorists with Wael Zubi – 11 July

Wael is an Ideological Expert & Interventions Consultant at The Unity Initiative, UK’s foremost Counter Terrorism Consultancy. Their success rate in terms of de-radicalization of top end terrorists, is at 100%. His personal interest is scholastic theology and its experiential methodology.

He has been an official delegate for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to Muslim countries promoting the British Islam Program, speaking to ministers, ambassadors, academics and journalists. Wael also worked as part of the Tabah Foundation under Habib Ali al-Jifri.


How I De-Radicalize Top End Terrorists
with Wael Zubi (UK)
Friday 11 July, 10pm-11pm
Talent Lounge, Damansara Perdana

With all the thingsĀ that are happning now in the news, simply said this a good time to bring this up.Do join us for this short talk and Q&A, moreh time.

wael zubi unity initiative peace meal

Most would recognize Wael from this video, where he interpreted for his former boss.

Terawih at the Park



This event is targeted to the skaters, BMX or any other extreme sport group during Ramadhan. Isyak prayers followed with terawih prayers and a short dialog with the audience.