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Malacca to Acheh Intellectual Roots of the Malay World – 28 March

We always hear about the trade and wars, but in the 1500s there were people here discussing some deep stuff too. Like the nature of God, free will and predestination, man’s elevated nature and meaning of leadership. This will be an evening where we looked at some of the things our smart people said then, and how it has affected us today.

Muhiyuddin b. Hussein Al-Attas is completing a M.Phil from CASIS (UTM). He used to lecture at KUIS and now at Adni Pre-University where he teaches the worldview of Islam and the map of knowledge. His research interest is in S.M.N Al-Attas’ conception of the West, encompassing the origins of the worldview of the West, its philosophical, cultural and religious roots, and how this worldview is impacting the world.

The Christian King of Abbyssinia and the First Hajj – 11 March

Out of all places, the Prophet (pbuh) sent his Companions to seek refuge in a non-Arab land across the sea rule by a just king. And there’s more..

This evening will be lessons from then for our age today.

The Director of Studies at the African American Islamic Institute, Shaykh Mahy of Senegal also studied in Mauritania like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Similar to Nusantara, scholarly traders spread Islam in the West African region in various ways as seen alive till today. Come for this evening for an insight.