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The Art & Craft of Storytelling – 4 June


Rehan Khan was born in Wimbledon, in 1971 and is now based in Dubai with his wife and two children. Rehan penned his first ‘novel’ at the age of nine and has been writing ever since. As a child he loved listening to swashbuckling tales of heroism and valour, as well as dabbling in science fiction. Whilst attending the Oxford University Summer School for Adults in 2010 he started scribbling notes around courage and valour. This became the beginnings for the Last of the Tasburai, his debut epic fantasy novel. During the day, Rehan is the Regional Consulting Director in the MENA region for a FTSE 100 corporation, and is also a Professor of Management at an international business school.

Khalina Khalili is a mother of three teenagers and author of “The Camel’s Journey.” Her “Kids and Science Series” are soon to be published by Dar al-Andalus(InshaAllah) comprising of ten stories that portray the Islamic approach towards nature for ages 6 months to three years old. She is currently doing her Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Islam, Science and Civilization(CASIS), UTM.

Beats & Beans: Jam Session – 2 June


Beats & Beans is back. This time around we will be doing a mixture of tunes from a few regions. Come. 🙂

TV From The Valley

Our next event. This Thursday at Mukha in ‪#‎TTDI‬. Come for the coffee. Come for the stories.


Living Right with Earth

Living Right with Earth, A night with Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah &  Imam Afroz Ali. 8.00pm Sunday, 8th of May 2016

at Pusat Komuniti HAK, Sg Penchala.

What does it mean to realise our connection to each and every creation in existence? How would knowing this help us choose a life that promotes peace, harmony, and fulfillment, not just for ourselves, but also for our community, society, and environment?

Join us as we discuss and explore what it means to live right on this planet we all call our home.  Dr. Umar Faruq and Imam Afroz Ali will be sharing insights on the connections we all share, as well as the physical, social, and spiritual dimensions we navigate through on a daily basis to to keep these connections healthy and balanced.

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