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White Gold: Breastmilk Untold – 4 December

White Gold: Breastmilk Untold
Habib Kadhim Al-Sagoff & Nor Kamariah

Sometime ago, mothers were led to believe that breastmilk were nutrionally insufficient and inferior.
However, the Prophet’s infancy with the honoured wet nurse Halimah Al-Sa’diah and subsequently scientific research clearly indicate otherwise.

Additionally our guest speakers will explain about the psychological aspect like emotional development and the Shari’ah aspect in community welfare relevant today like assisting infant refugees and orphans.

Habib Kadhim Al-Sagoff is a world renowned Caller to Islam and scholar. Nor Kamariah Mohamad Alwi is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Do come and Share the good word. As always, no registration or fees required.

Cooking & Looking at Islamic Malay History – 22 November

Cooking & Looking at Islamic Malay History with Muhiyuddin Al-Attas

A few stories of our past are often heard till today. Some makan plain nasi others tambah their own kari. Some understand it clearly others find it blurry. This get together will explain who are they, how it happened and now how to clear it up.

Muhiyuddin b. Hussein Al-Attas is completing a M.Phil from CASIS (UTM). He used to lecture at KUIS and now at Adni Pre-University where he teaches the worldview of Islam and the map of knowledge. His research interest is in S.M.N Al-Attas’ conception of the West, encompassing the origins of the worldview of the West, its philosophical, cultural and religious roots, and how this worldview is impacting the world.