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Tibb Nabawi: The Bigger Picture with Hakim Archuletta – 3 June

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Click here for the map to go to Ribat al-Hawi.

Cooking with Love: Hikma of Nutrition with Hakim Archuletta – 5 June

peace meal Hakim Archuletta

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Garden of Bliss/Al-Wariseen is at 8, Jalan Setiawangsa 13, Taman Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Click here for map.

[Workshop] Intro to ‘Hikma’, Islamic Wisdom Healing with Hafsa & Iman – 24 May

An interactive workshop looking at the concept in traditional Islamic medicine of The Four Elements and how it relates to wellness, energy healing, nutrition, homeopathy, and stress release today. This video by Hafsa’s teacher, Hakim Archuletta – Personality Corresponding to the Elements, gives you a preview of what you’ll be learning. Click here to watch.

Workshop: Intro to ‘Hikma’, Islamic Wisdom Healing
with Hafsa Hassan & Iman Salam
Kampung Warisan, Jalan Jelatek
7.30pm Saturday 24 May 2014
Maghrib together, and begin right after.
RM80 (RM50 deposit + RM30 workshop fees)
Registration is closed.

Hafsa Hassan has been a student and practitioner of Hikma healing for more than a decade and runs a private holistic therapy practice. Previously based in the UK, now thankfully for us, KL is her home. Iman Salam is a nutrition consultant, from the US, about to start her practise in KL. Frankly these two have loads to offer that is new to us (although it shouldn’t be). The session will be hosted by Yasmin Rasyid of Eco Knights. Come check it out!

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Adab of Respecting Non-Muslims: A Prophetic Inheritance with Habib Muhammad Alaydrus – 22 May

Some people buy fair-trade products, because it is cool or a trend, and not based on ethical reasons. Likewise some Muslims promote better relations with non-Muslims for various reasons, but unfortunately not due to it being a Prophetic character and tradition. Be it in respecting others or another matter, the character of good Muslims ought to depend on them being so, because they are Muslims and not because they happen to be Muslims.

This evening will be looking at closely what Muslims (and others perhaps) inherited from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), on inter-religious relations.

pmm habib muhammad abdullah alaydrus adab of respecting non-muslims prophetic inheritance

Adab Respecting Non-Muslims: A Prophetic Inheritance
A session with Habib Muhammad Abdullah Alaydrus
8.30pm – 10pm Thursday 22 May 2014
Cafe Lapis – click here for map (next to Burger King Wangsa Maju)
*Lapis will close their kitchen at 8pm.

Habib Muhammad sits on the fatwa council of Tarim, which says a lot about his fiqh knowledge. That said, spending time with him, he’s more of a tasawwuf man. He’s also head of Da’wa department of the seminary Dar al-Mustafa in Tareem, Hadhramout. He also conducts courses in South Africa, Japan and recently Germany.

Abdul-Jalal Ziat of Seekers Guidance, and Muhammad Iqbal Zain of Darul Muhibbin and student of Centre for Advance Studies in Islam, Science and Civilization will be the translator for the evening. Amin Rahman of Young Muslims Project will be the MC and moderator.

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