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Holistic Muslim Retreat: Mental, Emotional & Physical Well-Being – 29 & 30 December

Holistic Muslim Retreat: Mental, Emotional & Physical Well-Being
29th (2pm-5pm) & 30th (10am-5pm) December 2015
A lovely location on Jasmine Lane, Sungai Buloh
Free with a deposit of RM100
(RM70 deposit if you’re attending only 30th Dec)

Application is Closed.

*For those who can’t afford the deposit, don’t let that stop you. Apply anyway and let us know of your situation when email you for the payment and we’ll try to work something out.

Connecting classical sources and understanding, to apply them in present day situation with references. Here’s a little something we’re putting together for the Muslim youth, so we’d like to invite those below 40 years old to join us for this year end experience. With us will be Dr. Omar Mahmood, Hafsa Hassan, Iman Salam, Syed Muhiyuddin al-Attas, Giovanni Galluzzo and Hayati Muzaffar. A group called Fitree will be coming to join us too. Scroll down to find out more about them.

Jemput. And do come dressed comfortably. 🙂

This will be a one and a half day retreat where attendees would come for the sessions and leave when they’re done in the evening. Generally, sessions will be 60 minutes each with some conducted separately in smaller groups. We’ll serve light refreshments and lunch, conduct prayers and have something special.

Please fill in your details in the Form below. If you can’t view the Form, click here instead.

omar mahmood 2 peace meal holistic muslim retreat

Dr Omar Mahmood double-majored in Psychobiology and Arabic and then studied Islamic Sciences in the traditional seminary Dar al-Mustafa, Tareem, Hadhramout. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is currently a research scientist at the University of California, San Diego. He serves as a national advisor to the Muslim Youth of North America. He promotes the development of Islamic identity in Muslim youth through spirituality, counseling, recreation, and the arts.

He will be running sessions entitled Healing Your Psyche about empowering imperfections, The Way We Think to learn about the inner workings of the human psyche and A Psychological Reading of Imam al-Haddad’s poem Ya Rabbi Alimal Hal / Ya Alima Sirri Minna.

hafsa hassan peace meal holistic muslim retreat

Hafsa Hasan is a holistic therapist versed in the art and science of using herbs and homeopathy to hands-on and somatic body/mind approaches to healing. For more than ten years now she has been practicing and honing her craft to enhance her own family’s well-being as well as touching the lives of many people around her in the Middle East, UK and now Malaysia.

Her sessions will be Rumi’s Mindfulness about managing emotions and mindful awareness, where only 20 people are allowed in each time it’s conducted. The other will be Living Today in Balance with the Essence of Prophetic Medicine.

iman salam peace meal holistic muslim retreat

Iman Salam is an American expat currently residing in Kuala Lumpur. Her desire to change her health led her to study integrative nutrition. She holds a Diploma in Preventative Health & Nutrition and is a certified Personal Trainer. While finishing her Master’s in Preventative Health, she currently works at Nara Medi Spa as a Nutrition Consultant.

“…And if it is necessary, then a third for his food, a third for his drink, and a third for his breath.” One of Iman’s sessions will be on how to apply this famous hadith to our daily lives. The other will be How Will We Attempt to Make the Klang Valley Diet like the Prophetic One?

muhiyuddin alattas peace meal holistic muslim retreat

Muhiyuddin b. Hussein Al-Attas holds a M.Phil from CASIS (UTM). He used to lecture at KUIS and now UNITAR. His research interest is in S.M.N Al-Attas’ conception of the West, encompassing the origins of the worldview of the West, its philosophical, cultural and religious roots, and how this worldview is impacting the world.

His session will be explaining The Meaning and Experience of Happiness in Islam, using Professor Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas’s book on the same title as the basis, making clear the distinction of how happiness is truly understood in Islam. If there’s time, he’ll conduct the litany Ratib al-Attas.

 Giovanni Galluzzo Murujan

Giovanni Galluzzo is the Founder of Murujan Permaculture Design. As the Lead Teacher and Consultant, he is responsible for developing course structure, project ideas and execution. As a consultant and teacher Giovanni is focusing on soil building, food production alternative economic systems and community development.

He will discuss nutrition from the angle of ecology and in a holistic way, also touching on Islam. Laying out some terminology as well as discussing the system and some potential solutions. He will also cover  as discussion on how to transit to a more healthy intake of food.

Hayati Muzaffar Amani Doula Hypnobirth

Hayati Muzaffar internationally certified birth educator and doula by Amani Birth, and a certified Malay traditional massage therapist for mothers and volunteer with Baby Hatch and Teenage Mothers on the grounds project. I have my own parent craft centre where she conduct workshops relatedmainly for young families, since 2013.

She will share her own unique in & out of body experience of self awareness using deep breathing, positive affirmation and self hypnosis. She hopes the audience would be able to appreciate every living cells in their body and take care as much as what goes in and out at the end of the session and would be able to start practicing self love.


FiTree is a fresh seedling of a youth group made up primarily of tertiary students and graduates who gathered together with the intention of reminding the Singapore Muslim community to return to our fitrah (natural state) as true khalifah fil ardh (Stewards of the Earth).

They’ll be joining us at the Retreat to conduct some activities. We won’t leak from the beak, so this will be a surprise for those attending. Do have a look at their good work on the Fitree FB Page.


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Pursuit of Happiness

The Riddle of Mankind and Quest of Happiness

Ancient Greek philosophers lived after Prophet Moses
They asked right questions without came to the right conclusion
Things that are graspable are normally ephemeral
“Who man is?”

“Who you are” makes human being consistently on search.
Has been answered by the religion and exemplified by the life of Rasulullah saw.
True age of happiness is during time of Prophet saw
Iman, Islam n Ihsan > attaining happiness
Philosophy-love of wisdom/hikmah
The reality of thing is set, and the knowledge of it is attainable.
1.self experience
2.Reason- observation, mathematical truths
3depends upon report-tawaddhuk (quran as kitab), by single person ascertained by mukjizat.
Human being has soul where the heart resides in.
Seek his identity and destiny> happiness
Happiness is attainable by external and internal virtues
Happiness: Human self (wants and needs),body and external
Happiness is when you ascertain your certainty> Permanent happiness.
It’s a gradual process.Internal virtues emerging.
Expressing happiness according to the level.
Life is journey to regain our covenant with God> During ruh we admit Allah is our Creator
Adab: right action
Happiness> The quest of your certainty
Lower self submits to higher self
Happiness is subjective but not arbitrary
1st level of certainty: Ilm
2nd: seen the reality
3rd: train yourself, you feel/experience
Pure goodness doesn’t exist in this dunya
We are the spiritual human beings
Love of God is the highest level of happiness

Notes captured by Sister Waheeda.