Towards Self Sustainability: Learning Audio Video

Recently we begin purchasing our own equipment. From a proper recording sound system, a HD video camera and a laptop powerful enough to manage video editing.

For quite sometime we had friends, volunteers and freelancers working with us in this area. The likes of Hann Ng, Fei Xiang, Sabrina Kamaruddin and Adrien Yew. You see them often in the pics we upload.

Now that we have our own stuff, we can stop renting the equipment. Next is to equip ourselves with the skills to handle this expensive gear. So we got Fei to teach Izuan BinYahya, Mohamad Azmir and Zain HD.


Another regular also joined in, Ferdinand Pereira, as well as Fei’s intern Nur Athirah, who is leading Peace Meal’s next series of events on permaculture, environment and Islam – documentary screenings and discussions.

Thanks Fei and also Wago for their support. And others too who have helped us get this far in building up Peace Meal.

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  1. Mohammed Afiq Abu Zarim

    This is a traditional way of learning (instead from youtube), which is essential – Importance of Practical and hands-on.

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